About iTrust Platform

iTrust Platform

The most intelligent platform for analysis of blockchain security and compliance risks.

platform capabilities

Blockchain nodes 360° security visibility

Network Security

Analyze vulnerabilities on exposed network services

DNS Resilience

Assess DNS configs and anti-spoofing defenses

Hacker Threat Analysis

Monitor underground hacker sites and the dark web

Breach Metrics

Identify known breaches and remediation responses

Patching Cadence

Measure patch management and response rates over time

Web Application Security

Analyze web app vulnerabilities through scanning, intercepting proxies, and web crawlers

Compliance Status

Track compliance status (GDPR,PCI, FedRAMP, HIPAA, etc.)


Continuous cyber risk monitoring prevents breaches, downtime, and remediation costs.


Designed to provide the world’s most intelligent cyber risk ratings. Deep technical expertise and rich data pool ensures the highest quality risk ratings.


Mitigate security and compliance risks for an affordable monthly fee.


World-class, highly secure, data centers providing real-time services around the world.