Smart Contracts Audit

iTrust is a leading Web3 provider of blockchain ecosystem services security.  

Expert Web3 Security Audits 

Ensure the security of your decentralized applications by utilizing the powerful auditing services offered by iTrust. Our blockchain agnostic team can provide comprehensive smart contract, off-chain and networking audits on a variety of blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon and more. Let us help you protect what matters most with our expert auditing capabilities!​​ 

Smart Contract Web3 Protection

Security of all aspects of the blockchain ecosystem is our primary focus.   We care about the safety of all components within your blockchain infrastructure. 

Token audit

Protocols audit

Audit of the bridges  

Layer 1 solutions

Post-hack assistance and search for an attacker

Smart Contract Security Audit 

Our Workflow

Why iTrust?

Our utmost priority is ensuring the security of every aspect of the blockchain ecosystem. We are dedicated to safeguarding the safety of all components within your blockchain infrastructure.

Multiple Experts approach

Our few experts are simultaneously working on one smart contract audit, performing the cross-review to ensure we do not miss a nit.

Multi-level testing

Tests are a must! The tests are built from the ground up to verify that the code behaves as intended and that no security risks are hidden between the lines of code. We're following all relevant industry norms. The tests are given to you as a separate file, and they're included in the final audit report. 

Deep analysis

We are not charging for the comment lines or NatSpec in the code. To make a deep dive and prevent bugs, we're working to gather as much information about the codebase as possible. We're employing cutting-edge approaches and technologies that assist us in reducing vulnerability risk through automation.

Scoring transparency

iTrust smart contract auditors developed a unique and transparent scoring system to leave no doubt on the legitimacy. We aim to provide a standard industry scoring system to ensure trust between the auditors, community, stakeholders, exchanges, and protocols. 

Optimization check

We advise on how to make the codebase more gas-friendly. After your fixes of the discovered flaws and issues, we double-check and retest the changes to ensure that they are correct. 

Customer orientation

​​Ongoing​​ assistance during the codebase audit process and after it.