Trust and security for blockchain and beyond

Blockchain Nodes Risk Management: Blockchain BTC environment security evaluation and monitoring

Blockchain Node Threats and Weaknesses


Ensure the software is up-to-date

Access control misconfigurations

Security misconfigurations and unauthorized access detection

Network-Level Attacks

Make sure your digital assets are secured within an organizational network

Private Key Compromise 

Avoid unauthorized

Malicious node blockchain

Detecting harmful nodes with malice.

Our blockchain risk management solution comes to address the issues:

High risks for publicly facing BTC nodes

Low maturity of the assurance process

Absence of node security integration with enterprise architecture

The lack of cooperation inside organizations in the area of blockchain security  

Difficulties to meet compliance requirements

Node Penetration Testing

Web3 Compliance Management

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Blockchain Nodes Risk Management

Principles that we apply:

We aim to address the needs of various organizational stakeholders by incorporating the following principles

Blockchain native architecture

Interaction with your organization nodes mimics the peer node. Start getting unprecedently deep insights about your nodes after just one click.

Cloud and container approach

Support all popular providers and cloud orchestrators for monitoring and alerting on nodes’ security.

Workflows and runbooks automation

Simply use the embedded into our product process to manage asset, configuration, incident, change, vulnerability, and node risk or tailor them to your existing IT and IS management framework.

DevOps APIs

Comprehensive API suite allow us to tune every aspect of its work or provide the node security data to any consumer.

Built for SOAR and “zero trust”

We build our solution with orientation on the enterprise security architecture and provide software hooks and manuals on quickly binding it to existing security tools and processes.

Why iTrust?

iTrust provides cybersecurity risk management and intelligence of Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes to help build trusted and secure blockchain infrastructure. iTrust collects and analyzes security risk metrics across the blockchain ecosystem to deliver security and compliance visibility. iTrust is the leading platform for blockchain security and threat intelligence.

Blockchain Nodes Risk Management